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"One Mario" has showed the performance of Muai Max. , 08/09/2015

Max Muai Thai has gained the popularity from the boxing Muay Thai fans until gaining as the number 1 of channel 8. Lately, the executive teamwork should adjust the times by increasing the broadcasting time from 2 hours to 2 hours and a half at 6.20-9.00 p.m. Besides, on this Sunday of 2nd August in 2015 at 6.20-9.00 p.m., it will be the first match that Numphet or Arsira Taochareonsuk to confirm the teamwork for creating the better works. Thus, on that day there will be excellent Spanish boxer or One Mario Kaewsamrit to fight with Yodbanchong Faretex and other interesting ones , such as Luaktam Ch. Chanathip to fight with Hirotoshi Khem Muai Thai Yim from Japan , Chaowaha Chanchai Muai Thai to fight with Naka William from Brazil , Teelek M.T.M. Academy to fight with Leonard Rus Thai Team from Kenya , Phetthae Tormaxmuaithai to fight with Danial Chanchai Muai Thai , Onephikhad Ch. Chanathip to fight with Anatidas Rusthaiteam from Russia , Action Dechatimsamphattaya to fight with Kobey Smith from Australia.

Numphet said that after Onemario has fought for several times ; now he has faced with Yodbanchong to fight with funniness. Thus, it should thank for the teamwork , especially for the teamwork of Pheenoi Banphong , Pheemok Phattaya , Pheephon Sityodthong , Pheechok Phattaya and Pheerambo Faretex who have paid attention to work excellently.

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