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Sia Tim has put a large amounts of money for 400,000 baht to buy "Yodphayak". , 22/09/2015

Sia Tim or Thimathee Thammacheewa has put a large amounts of money with 400,000 baht by buying Yodphayak Kaoklaiyim to be the boxer under Sitsongpheenong boxing camp. Then, he might fight in the foreign countries in order to grasp the champion of Superweather weight at Lumphinee boxing stadium with Sirimongkol Sitanuphab. However, it is pity that Sirimongkol quitted from fighting on last 1st September 2015 , except for fighting on Suek Sangmorakot in the next match.

Originally, Yodphayak Kaoklaiyim would like to make the list of the champion of Muai Thai on Weather Weight of 154 pounds at Lumphinee boxing camp to fight with Sirimongkol Sitanuphab ,who has practiced himself now at Sitniwat boxing camp. However, on this Tuesday of 1st September 2015 ,Sirimongkol has removed from the program on Suek Sangmorakot supported by the surgeant Tui. On the other hand, on the three months this couple one might grasp the champion for the next time for sure.

For Yodphayak , lately he has grasped the champion at Om Noi boxing stadium and move into the new boxing camp or Sitsongpheenong supported by Sia Tim or Thimathee Thammacheewa by gaining the money with 400,000 baht. Furthermore, he should create the good name including of grasping the champion of Lumphinee first prior to fight in foreign country. However, now he has been studying at Mahasarakham province , and he is the diligent one to become the good name boxer.

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