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"Noi" believes that he might have the better life. , 27/10/2015

Although on the last match Chenoi Sakburiramthe isn’t glad for the pieces of work for Sakmongkol Sakburiram ,he is not still careless with confidence to let this match to be the lesson. Moreover, he hopes that on the next match he might be stronger. Furthermore, he has thanked for the Muay Thai fans to cheer up Sakmongkol to grasp the champion as the fifth rank successfully.

Therefore, now Sakmongkol has just won Chaointree Kertchareonchai on Suek Muai Thai Ched See at Morchit boxing stadium , so it has increased the winning statistics for 5 matches continuously. Lately, Chenoi Sakburiram or Wanida Thanadkha has come to thank for the Muay Thai fans to follow and cheer up until Sakmongkol can grasp the champion to increase his statistic as the fifth match continuously. Besides, Lertsila Sitchate , Kongburapha Sorchor Laiphrachean , Phetsatis SatisCD , and Phetmuengkao T Taksin haven’t made the disappointment for the Muay Thai fans. Thus, on the next match the affliation can make the lists of the couple boxers to fight with whom in order to guarantee for Sakmongkol to be the winner of course.

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