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It should watch for the master one of Atsawindam program to predict the result. , 03/11/2015

Uodlamare or the teamwork of Atsawindam has quaranteed that on this Sunday of 18th October 2015 the master couple one of Atsawindam Springnews ; namely, Khunharn Sorchor Lekmeungnon has his strong knee. While, Phetphrab of 5 stars chicken has his good left kick and good performance with good sight. Thus, the experts of boxing program should watch this couple one well to be cheered up.

On Suek Atsawindam Springnews on this Sunday of 18th October 2015, the commander Whake or the commander Sawake Phinsinchai has assigned work for Mit Nakorn to fight as the master one ; namely, Khunharn Sorchor Lekmuengnon to fight with Phetphrab of 5 stars chicken following by the second one or Phetsongphak Sitchareonthrab to fight with Phetsila Ch. Sampheenong or Silaphet S. Suradate , Yimsiam Nakornmeungdate to fight with Zeta W. Wasantai and Dokmaipha Sortor Watchararin to fight with Phanchan Phetbundit.

For the game of the master couple one , Uod Lamare or the teamwork of Suek Atsawindam has revealed that each of them has his good advantages and disadvantages. While Khunharn has his strong knee , but Phetphrab has his good left kick with good performance to be careful for cheering up.

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