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"Kaokarat" has challenged for "Fahmai" to fight with him. , 24/11/2015

Ouan Muengnon or the assistant teamwork of Suek Chitmuengnon has sent for Kaokarat Chitmuengnon to defeat Fahmai P. Riangram after defeating the couple one or Fahseethong Sorchor Piakutai as the master one of Suek Chitmuengnon on this 5th November 2015. Thus, he would like to fight with Sprinter Pangkongphrab by defeating Kaokarat as first.

Ouan Muengnon has revealed that now Fahmai P. Riangram has become to be the well-known boxer , and he would like to challenge with Sprinter Pangkongphrab on the next match. Then, on this 5th November 2015 Kaokarat Chitmeungnon should win Fahseethong Sorchor Piakutai beautifully. Later, it should let Kaokarat to fight with Fahmai prior to fight with Sprinter of course.

For Suek Chitmuengnon , it showed that Ouan Muengnon , Chitmuengnon and the teamwork have taken care of the master ones ; namely, Kaokarat Chitmuengnon to fight with Fahseethong Sorchor Piakutai , Kengkat P. Pekko to fight with Phanonrunglek , Sitbaikhan Lomhuan Sitlomnao to fight with Chanesuek Sitphomphean , Chaising Chechiangmai to fight with Buakhao and S. Siaphet Mangkornthong T. Morsri to fight with Thamindam A. Onechird.

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