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It should thank for "Teacher Surat" for make the good name for Phetsemeun. , 29/12/2015

Che Kik Thongsong or Yuthida Phetsemean or the lady head of Phetsemeun boxing camp has thanked for Teacher Surat Siangloi to take care of his boxers well all the times. Then, lately there are several boxers to grasp the champion no matter of Yokwittaya , Ploywittaya , Morakot , Phetphadung , Sakadphet and Chamuakphet.

Lately, there are a lot of Muay Thai fans at Phetsemeun boxing camp warned Che Kik whether this boxing camp may have a big loss. However, in the latest match Phetkhunphon at Phetsemeun boxing camp has grasped the champion in several games after fighting with many couple ones ; namely, Yokwittaya , Ploywittaya , Morakot , Phetphangan, Phetphadung, Sakadphet, Chamuakphet and several ones. Therefore, Chekik Thungsong or the lady head of Phetsemuen boxing camp has revealed that now all the boxers of this boxing camp lately his boxers have showed the good performance after Teacher Surat Siangloi has taken care of us well since now.

Che Kik Thongsung said that before the boxer at Phetsemuen boxing camp has kept himself at Daterat boxing camp of Teacher Surat Singloi in last week , everyone’s body condition is in the good way. Thus, firstly it should thank for Teacher Surat to take care of us well since now no matter of practicing themselves, having food and the way of living. Lately, the way of the boxers for Phetsemuen boxing camp to be the winner should give the credit to Teacher Surat.

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