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Don’t give up to cheer up "Sakphet" to call for the faith. , 12/01/2016

Sai Madtrasang or Sakphet Fighter Muai Thai has announced to defeat Khundiaew Phayapkhamphan not more than 2 rounds. Then, it can call for the faith from the Muay Thai fans after he has lost the game for 2 matches continuously with the problem of weight. In this time, it hasn’t got any problem about the weight , so it should best regard for the Muay Thai fans to be cheered up.

In the earlier, Sakphet has knocked their couple ones for 9 matches continuously until he has become to be the hardest fist one of this year. However, after he has lost the game for 2 matches continuously by being knocked to Phetdam Phetyindeeacademy and Khunharn Sorchor Lekmuengnon. Then, his name is worse , so in this match Sakphet might have his program to call for his faith back by fighting with Khundiaew Phayakkhamphan on Suek One Weeraphon and Suek Moo Saphanmai. Besides, this program might fight on Friday of 25th December 2015. And, Sakphet has revealed his mind to the reporters of Muai Siam that the way to fight with Khundiaew might be excellent with his confirming to win him not more than 2 rounds for sure.

Sakphet said that according to the last 2 matches , it should apologize for the Muay Thai fans that he can’t show the good form to knock his couple one with the problem of the increasing weight. Then, he might consult with Dendanai to find the suitable way for fighting in 122 pound. However, he is confident that he might knock Khundaew to call for the faith of the Muay Thai fans to be back.

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