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"Sangmanee" has become to be the excellent boxer. , 26/01/2016

The lietunent Ouad has still remembered the impressive picture or his atmosphere of the great prize in A.D. 2015. Then, in this 2016 it might be the lucky year of Sangmanee S. Thianpho to become the excellent boxer, especially for his big 2 prizes of Siam Keela Award and the club of sport reporters.

The litunent Ouad or the commander Suttichai Thianpho or the head of S. Thianpho boxing camp who always support Sangmanee S. Thianpho as the excellent one of 100,000 baht though he has worked as the government officer in Phuket province too. Besides, all the times he has taken care of his beloved one along 3 years. And, on last A.D. 2012 it was the lucky year of the litunent Oud and Sangmanee after Sangmanee has created the good history as the first Thai boxer who grasps the excellent boxer prize of the year. Similarly, he has grasped the prize at Lumphinee and Rachadamnern boxing stadium including of the excellent Thai prize given from the club of the sport reporters with Yodwicha Ph. Bunyasit. Additionally, he has grasped for the excellent new star prize of Siam Keela Award , so in that year Sangmanee had become to be the hot superstar of the boxing circle too.

The Litunent Ouad said with confidence that he still remembers the success picture on that day all the times that Sangmanee has been the one in this boxing circle. Besides, it mightn’t be disappointed to take care of Sangmanee until now for becoming the beloved boxer. Then, the success in A.D. 2012 might return again by cheering up for the left prizes , especially for the 2 big prizes.

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