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"Auan" mightn’t send "Phetwasorn" to fight on this match if he is unready to fight. , 10/02/2016

Aun Sukhumwit has confirmed that he isn’t ready to manage this match because he mightn’t send Phetwasorn to fight on this game to lose his name as well as making the loosing of feeling to the Muay Thai fans definitely. Then, he mightn’t send his boxer to fight on this match for sure.

The big boss of Aunsukhumwit boxing camp said with confirmation after he has removed Phetwasorn from Muai Dee Withee Thai broadcasted on this 17th January 2016 at Rangsit boxing stadium. Then, he has made a decision to postpone this match for 1 week in order to let Phetwasorn to have his better body condition first without sending him to fight without his readiness. In addition, if he has sent this boxer to fight on this match , it is difficult for him to be the winner because his couple one or Pheankon is the talent one with having good strategy to fight.

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