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It can trust for "Chan" to make the list of his couple ones. , 24/02/2016

Sia Chanchalad Thongdee or the head of Ch.Khaoyuhaisuzu to confirm about the readiness of his boxer or Bigbank Weerachat and Kittichai ,who have their good body condition to fight. Significantly, Bigbank ,who always makes the good works with his good attention , so on the next match to fight with Kengkat P. Pekko might have any problem for him surely. Additionally, it should trust for the good performance of Bigbank to get the revenge again on Suek Phumphanmueng of the commander Sukthad Phumphanmueng broadcasted on this Friday of 29th January 2016.

Now, the commander Sukthad Phumphanmueng or the promoter of Suek Phumphanmueng and the teamwork of Banphonlamuengdee might make the lists of the couple ones to fight again on this Friday of 29th January 2016 at Lumphinee Ramintra boxing stadium. Then, this match might be setup in the bigger match more than the past by making the lists of the well-known couple ones and the new star ones to join on this match. Therefore, it has 3 couple ones to fight on this match that are Bigbank to fight with Kengkat P. Pekko , Weerachat to fight with Chokdee The gulf Pattaya and Kittichai Satiscd to fight with Krichthongkhamlek of Keelakorat school.

Sia Chanchalard has revealed that all 3 boxers have their good body condition after practicing continuously , especially for Bigbank ,who has made the good form. Thus, he might overcome Kengkat P. Pekko as the past ; however, it shouldn’t be careless too because his couple one may prepare for the good strategy also. On the other hand, Sia Chanchalard still confirms about the second winning of his boxer.

Sia Chanchalard is really confident that it can trust for Bigbank Weerachat and Kittichai , who have their good condition to fight without making the bad name to the boxing camp for sure. Similarly, it should take a look for the new star couple one or Weerachat and Kittichai whether to become the famous one.

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