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"Chanu" has a large amounts of money for a half million baht , except for making much investment to support for "Singthong". , 02/03/2016

Sia Chanu Thongphrasom has poked to Singthongnoi Kertkittiphan to make the investment for Phetrung Sitsornong of 500,000 baht because he believes that his boxer might be the winner for sure on fighting in Suek Kertphet. Moreover, this program might broadcast on this 26th January 2016 , so if anyone would like to make the investment can tell him to support and cheer up for Phetrung.

For Suek Kertphet broadcasted on this 26th January 2016 at Lumphinee boxing stadium , Chun Kertphet has made the lists of the master one or Banlangngen P. Pheannaphat to fight with Kaewphayak Chitmeungnon following by the second one or Singthongnoi Kertkittiphan to fight with Phetrung Sitsornong , Khaosanit Dragon Muai Thai to fight with Nengen Luakchaomaesaiwaree , Klaphachon Luakbanyai to fight with Khomfai Mahachai Phattana , Sornnarai Namdeumchokphreecha to fight with Phetsuntorn Singmanatsak , Ninmangkorn A. Sabaitae to fight with Daewpharanchai and Phetaek of Keela Korat School to fight with Jack Siam A. Aranya.

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