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"Sia Chun" has confirmed to wait for "Phomphet to fight with Buadang" in the final round. , 30/03/2016

Chun Kertphet has given the news that now there is one couple one ;namely, Phomphet Singbansrang to fight with Yodbuadang Dabphommahachai who has made the Muay Thai fans to feel excited for twice times after they have moved to fight in another Muay Thai stadium. Moreover, in this moment he might fight on Suek Lumphinee Champion Kirkkrai on this Friday of 4th March 2016 without waiting so long with the plan of the winner to be supported after being the champion and knowing the result of the winner between Wacharaphon to fight with Phrachanbarn.

Father Chun has revealed his mind that it should accept that Phomhet has fought with Yodbuadang with the excellent form by showing the good strategy. Then, it shows that both of them would like to grasp the champion. On the other hand, it depends on the suitability as well as grasping another champion with beginning to fight with the winning between Wacharaphon and Phrachanbarn continuously on Suek Lumphinee Champion Krekkrai or the next program. Moreover, it should wait for checking the ranks of them too in order to have the chance to grasp the champion on another program.

In additionally, for the master one of Suek million baht Lumphinee Champion there might be the excellent boxer in 100,000 baht ; namely, Muengthai to fight with San, Phanphayak to protect his champion with Kaona , Phrachanchai to fight with another Muay Thai stadium or Chalarm , Chamuakthong to fight with Fahsatan , Sprinter to fight with Sing , Watcharaphon to grasp the champion in 112 pounds with Phrachanbarn , Pheemai to fight with Kaew after the master one or Koko to grasp the champion with Nengen and Ninmangkorn to fight with Kraduaklek.

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