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It is confident for the strength of "Rit" though he has bargained weight for 2 pounds. , 28/04/2016

The lieutenant Man or Sittisak Wisatekit or the senior of Rit S. Wisatekit has guaranteed for his beloved boxer to train himself well. Then, he can show his strategy to fight with Narongchai Sitchomyut in Suek Phetphiya program on this 22nd March 2016. Therefore, he can bargain his weight to two pounds with his better body condition , mind and strength to overcome his couple one comfortably.

For Suek Phetphiya that has been broadcasted on this Tuesday of 22nd March 2016 , Sia Tung or Phiyarat Wachirarattanawong has made an interesting couple one that is the boxer from Cambodia or Rit S. Wisatekit to fight in this next game. Besides, all the times he has been showing his good work, so in the next match he might fight with Narongchai Sitchomyut in 103-105 pounds by bargaining his weight in 2 pounds surely. In addition, the lieutenant Man or the big boss of S. Wisatekit is confident in his performance much.

After Rit has won Praewprao at Rachadamnern boxing stadium , he has been practicing himself continuously until having his perfect body condition. Then, on this match he might fight with Narongchai Sitchomyut whom he has never fought before by bargaining weight for him in 2 pounds. Thus, with his good strength and strategy he might be able to fight with his couple one by showing the funniness and being the winner for sure.

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