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Favor the Muay Thai fans ; Big Song has selected the great performance ones fighting on this 9th June. , 02/06/2016

The Muay Thai fans is really surprised after seeing the lists of Suek One Thong Chai managed by Thongchai Rattanasuban fighting on this 9th June in 2016 at Rachadamnern. Then, it will consist of the master one or Sangmanee S. Thianpho to get revenge with Phanphayak Chitmuengnon to bargain for 1 pound or 128/129 pounds following by the second one or Kongsak Sitbunmee fighting with Kaiwarnlek T. Laksong , the supporting one or Thuan K. Kamphanat fighting with Phonluang Sitbunmee and other well-known ones.

In the earlier, Big Song or Thongchai Rattanasuban had his attention to setup the big match on this 26th May in 2016 ; however, it had the confusing on details and the lists of couple ones. Then, he wouldn’t like to make the disappointment to the Muay Thai fans and relevant people. Therefore, he has postponed to setup the big match on this 9th June in 2016 instead by bringing the great form ones to fight on this match as above detail including of Phetlamsin Ch. Haphayak fighting with Extra S. Sirilak , Phrachanchai P.K. Sanchai fighting with Lamnammoonlek Tormeanburi , Pheankon T. Surat fighting with Phrachanbarn Sorchor Wichitphadraew , Kingsanglek T. Laksong fighting with Sayanlek P.K. Sanchai , Muengphonlek S. Sirilak fighting with Phayakhiran Ch. Haphayak and Mammam Aekbangtrai fighting with Phetkrengkrai T. Silachai.

Big Song has revealed to the reporters of Muai Siam that with these lists of the couple ones, the Muay Thai fans shouldn’t miss to watch for this program definitely.

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