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"Phetphadung" is ready to defeat his couple one again. , 07/07/2016

Now, “Khun Soakroman” or Phetphadung Phetsemuen or severe Myanmar boxer with good elbows is ready to fight with Riang Sitniwat again after he has been elbowed until losing Khun Soakroman on the third round. Besides, Wittaya Phetsemuen is really confident that this interesting couple one will make the amazing form on Suek Yod Muai Thairat on this Saturday of 25th June , 2016 for sure.

Therefore, on Suek Yod Muai Thairat of this Saturday 25 June , 2016 , there will be the interesting ones , especially for the couple boxer between Phetphadung Phetsemuen fighting with Riang Sitniwat in 124/125 pounds. Moreover, this couple one might show the excellent form, especially for Phetphadung who has his fresh form and good strategy as his elbows. Then, Wittaya Phetsemeun is confident that Phetphadung will knock his old couple one again with his great performance.

Wittaya Phetsemeun said with confidence that although Phetphadung Phetsemeun will bargain his weight to his couple one for one pound , he still overcomes his couple one definitely.

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