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"Big Song" is confident to support "Changsuek". , 14/07/2016

“Big Song” is admiring of Changsuek Kertthongrit , so he would like him to maintain his quality and his good form to fight in order to be push up as the excellent boxer of the program in the future.

After Changsuek Kertthongrit has fought with Waifai Ch. Haphayak on Suek Thairat TV on last Saturday , now he has been the winner by overcoming his couple one excellently ,especially for using his kick.

Ben Kertphirun Thanthrab or the head of the boxing camp said additionally that he is really glad that Big Song has seen his importance for the beautiful strategy of Thai boxing. Moreover, a long 10 times that Changsuek has fought , he has tried to do his best all the times. And, now he would like to be 100,000 baht boxer which is depending on Big Song to consider while now Changsuek is ready to fight in the same weight.

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