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It is shocked for "Chaiyo" to fight with “Thongnoi” to be the winner due to his smaller size. , 21/08/2016

Now, Num Boat or Nattadate Wachirarattanawong has made the list of Chaiyo Phetyindee Academy or the beloved boxer to fight in Thai boxing program again as the supporting couple one of Suek Phetwisate. Then, on this Monday of 1st August in 2016 Nattadate will fight by bargaining his weight for 2 pounds between 103-105 pounds with Thongnoi. And, in this hour Thongnoi has his bigger size , so it is difficult to be the winner with the hard task.

For Suek Phetwisate to be broadcasted on this Monday of 1st August in 2016 at Rachadamnern boxing stadium , there will be the master one or Phalangphon Phetyindee Academy to fight with Nong Yot Eungubon and others. In addition, there will be Chaiyo Phetyindee Acdemy to come back to fight in Muai Thai again after returning to fight on the international one.

Boat said that in this match he hasn’t expected for his boxer to be the winner because Chaiyo had been disappeared to fight for international one for a long times. Moreover, he should bargain weight for 2 pounds , but it is believed that he can fight with Thongnoi to gain amusement for sure.

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