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"Archanai" should show his better form once more. , 09/10/2016

Archanai Phetyindee Academy is really certain to fight with Yothin F.A. Group. Thus, they will become to be the master one of Suek Phetwisate on this 29 August in 2016 at Rachadamnern.

Archanai has revealed that now there are between Yothin and him to fight in 115 pounds. Moreover, they have taken turn to be the winner or the loser on Suek Phetwisate fighting on this Monday of 29 August in 2016 at Rachadamnern. Additionally, Sia Boat has been the supporter one to make the list of them while Archanai has won with this couple for twice times and lost for once time. On the other hand, the preparation on this match is in the excellent way as the past times,except for his bargaining weight for 1 pounds until being the loser. Therefore, he has confirmed that winning Yothin isn’t the easy task ,especially for this couple one to just won Chomhoad. However, now he has his much confidence to be the winner on this game.

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