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"Phalaphon" is ready to fight with "Thepphabut" on the program of "Ouan". , 17/10/2016

Ouan Muengnon is smiling to get the amazing one with the Muay Thai fans throughout the country is still wondering about the result. Then, this match Phalaphon Phumphanmueng will fight with Situubon after they haven’t gained the obvious result from channel 7 due to the losing of Phalaphon with the opposite way of scores 20-1. In addition, this couple one will come to be the fourth one of Suek Phetmuengnon on this 30 August in 2016 . Therefore, the Muay Thai fans can prove their performance again at Lumphinee.

Ouan has revealed that now he just adjusted the lists for 4 couples after the couple of Kengkla P. Pekko fighting with Kumarndoi S. Chitphakdee isn’t ready to fight. Thus, he has altered to be the couple of Phalaphon Phumphanmueng facing with Thepphabut Situbon to fight on Suek Phetmuengnon on this 30 August in 2016 instead.

Finally, for Suek Phetmuengnon on the first match of 30 August in 2016 , there will be the master one or Jamesak Sakburiram grasping the champion in 130 pounds at Lumphinee with Nuenglanlek Chitmuengnon , the second one or Sing Pharanchai fighting with Yodmongkol Muengseema , the supporting ones or Manasak Sorchor Lek Muengnon fighting with Sansatan P.K. Sanchai , Phet A. Phimonsri fighting with Sprinter Pangkongphrab , Kengkat P. Pekko to grasp the champion in 118 pounds with Phonkrit T. Aewchareonthongphuket and Sakaengam Chitmuengnon fighting with Tai Pharanchai and others.

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