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It is believed that "Arundate" might grasp the champion. , 31/10/2016

Sia Bu Muengphet and Phalae Kertthongrit is certain that Arundate Phetarun M 16 might be successful for his fighting on 27th Isuzu.

Sia Bu or the promoter of Suek Phetsuphaphan and Phalae or the trainer of Sitbunmee boxing camp said that lately Arundate has knocked Duangsomphong already. Besides, it happened on the fourth round of 27th Isuzu on the second match of Suek Chao Muai Thai at Om Noi boxing stadium. In addition, he can keep for more of 3scores by fighting for two times with the totals of 5 scores. And, now he can pass into the Semi Final round already with his diligence, devoting times and good attention. Therefore, it believes that Arundate Phetarun M 16 might be successful in fighting of the next game absolutely. On the same way, it shouldn’t expect too much due to the difficult task to fight in the next match.

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