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"The litunent L" has invited everyone to prove the performance of "Pomphet" to fight with "Singthongnoi". , 15/11/2016

For the big program of million baht for the litunent L or Phanitcha Theeradatephong, it will be the competition for the small size boxers favoring to the Muay Thai fans. Besides, it will broadcast on this Friday of 9 November in 2016 between the master one or Pomphet Singbansrang to fight with Singthongnoi Kertkittiphan. Similarly, both of them are the knee boxers. Similarly, Singthongnoi just applied his severe knees to defeat Kongsak Sorsor Pakorn with several points. And, in this game it has kept for the ticket price for this term in only 300 baht.

Besides, Phanitcha Theeradatephong has had her much experience to setup a lot of million baht programs before. Then, on this Friday of 9 November in 2016 she will setup the good program again from bringing the well-known small size boxers of the country to fight. And, it will be great as same as the big size boxers.

As the result, on this game there will comprise of this following: the master one or Pomphet Singbansrang ,who just lost to Daewroj Bunchana to fight with Singthongnoi Kertkittiphan , who just defeat Kongsak Sosor Pakorn , the second ones or Pentor Pran 49 to fight with Phetsanguan Arawan , Khomphet Sitsarawatsia to fight with Khomphai Mahachaiphattana , Singphrapha Sorchor Piekutai to fight with Phetrung Phetchareon , the small size boxer from Phlapaknoi or Onechainoi Singphlapaknoi to fight with Feemea Saksee Kertmu 9 and Datechaiboror Sabaitae to fight with Khomsanlek S. Khunthod.

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