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"Rotlek"hopes to defeat and demolish the dream of "Phanphayak". , 27/12/2016

Kanit Khumprom has accepted that although Rotlek Chaotaleythong can reduce weight for 2 pounds, he should control more weights to fight with the excellent one as Phanphayak of Rattanabundit. Then, it is not the easy task , but with his good name and dignity it is believed that he might create the good history to defeat the excellent boxer of 4 years as Phanphayak surely.

Moreover, now this couple one is another one in the current of the Muay Thai fans to prove their performance at Lumphinee on this 9 December, 2016. Besides, in this time Phanphayak will bargain weight for 2 pounds for Rotlek too.

Lately, the reporters have been revealed from Kanit Krumprom or the senior of Rotlek or the master degree boxer that for this match Rotlek has practiced himself at P.K. Sanchai boxing camp of Sia Kwag as same as the past times. However, facing with Phanphayak is the difficult task , but he is still certainly that Rotlek might solve this problem although he has his more weights for 2 pounds. On the other hand, he still should control his weight because in this match he will fight with the supreme one as Phanphayak to feel exthaused. Therefore, for his good name and dignity he might demolish the dream of Phanphayak for sure ,especially with gaining the cheering up voice from the Muay Thai fans.

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